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Compromise Assessment


Detect Current Or Previous Attacker Activity In Your Environment

Cybercrime is getting more prevalent and organized in today's world, and nearly half of cyberattacks are directed towards small businesses. The booming IoT industry and the proliferation of connected devices offer a wide range of vulnerable points of entry to cybercriminals. Almost every organization is now wondering whether they have been a target of such attacks? Or is their environment compromised? Or how we can quickly identify such attempts and counteract the attacker’s efforts? Risk Associates offers Compromise Assessment services to respond to such reservations. A compromise assessment employs a technique of determining environmental risks and detecting current malicious activities in the network or security incidents. The evaluation specifies the compromise areas, vulnerable points of access, and the extent of breaches that occurred. The primary goal of such an assessment is to discover and cease on-going security incidents quietly and quickly.

How We Help

The vast knowledge and experience of our experts combined with Cylance® Consulting’s Compromise Assessment evaluate the security situation of an organization’s environment and identify previous and current security breaches. Cylance consulting implements Artificial Intelligence based tools and processes to establish how, where, and when the breach occurred. The complete evaluation will enable you to block all current malicious activities and protect your environment from future attempts.

Our Approach

Our experts conduct the Compromise Assessment in three simple steps.

Our team set up the Cylance Platform in your environment and employ our reference library of compromise indicators and assess your environment, servers, network, and critical log data to detect current or previous attacker activities. The data is then forwarded to the cloud for automated and manual analysis by our experts to determine areas of concern.
Our experts then perform a comprehensive assessment of the data collected in the initial evaluation by the Cylance program and identify the highest vulnerable areas such as Network Log, Host Memory, and Host Disk, and deploy standalone executable to them and reassess for malicious attacks. Subsequently, a host network and disk forensic analysis are conducted. The team also reconfirm their initial findings to prevent false-positive before documenting the discoveries.
We issue a comprehensive report summarizing our procedure, findings, and recommendations to protect your environment better.

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