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Digital Forensic Investigation


Digital Forensic Investigation

Digital Forensics as a real-time crime scene investigator for your digital business!
Digital forensics is an urban form of forensics science that deals with investigating and responding efficiently to any type of digital attack on an organization’s infrastructure. This includes recovering stolen data, mitigating losses, identifying loopholes, and reducing the risk of exposure to future incidents. Our implementation process involves tracing the source of digital attacks, creating an investigative report, remedying the damage done to the organization, and putting security measures in place to eliminate potential risks in the future.
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Our Approach

Our team of digital forensic investigators and response team prioritize offering comprehensive digital forensic services on a worldwide scale in the forms of:

Forensic Investigation
Our analysts possess extensive experience with identification, analysis, preservation, recovery, verification, and processing of data for cases that include but not limited to automotive forensics, theft of trade secrets, computer forensics, network monitoring, data breach, IP theft, and mobile forensics.
Penetration Test Response
In this case, we simulate potential digital attack scenarios with access to your logs and servers. This allows us to identify loopholes in your existing infrastructure, cement these gaps, and improve the current security protocols to anticipate and react accordingly if an attack occurs.
Incident Response
The goal of our digital forensics response team as always is to minimize/eradicate losses to your business. As one of the best data recovery solutions experts catering to a global audience, we can reduce the risk of future threats and restore “stolen” services in timely fashion.
Incident Response Plan
We assist companies in building an elaborate and comprehensive incident response plan to counter cyber-attacks. If your business has experienced a cyber-incident before, our analysts are available to provide lessons on the best security practices to implement on an individual level and company-wide.
Why Choose Us?
Every business is unique with its infrastructure. You deserve customized solutions that protect your data and assets without fear of being compromised. By throwing the toughest hacking malware at your system, we can identify vulnerabilities and make them cease to exist. At Risk Associates, our team of digital forensic analysts and engineers are always ready to help you get the evidence you need in case you fall victim of an attack. Credibility and privacy matters in the urban age and we want to help you gain the confidence of your clients with the best security protocols.

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