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Secure authentication for CNP transactions!



Secure authentication for CNP transactions!
PCI 3D Secure is a security standard that outlines and provides applicable security controls for merchants and consumers in specific 3DS environments.

It serves as an extra security layer during card-not-present transactions. The main goal of PCI 3DS is to eliminate CNP fraud and guarantee protection to payment service providers. PCI 3DS assessment-certified companies are far and in between which is where Risk Associates comes into the picture

How PCI 3DS Works

3D Secure operates via three main domains that serve as entry points for secure authentications.

- Acquirer Domain
Exclusive to merchant entities such as banks who control payment request environments
- Interoperability Domain
Handles all verification, maintenance, & authentication of data passing handled by server entities
- Issuer Domain
Confirms the usefulness of authentication for a specific card and is controlled by the issuer bank

Our role is to support your organization's compliance with the PCI-DSS mandates through our security assessors team. Our PCI 3DS assessment helps your company formulate a strategy to guide your business to comply and validate such compliance.

How We Operate

The PCI 3DS niche is small-scale and only a select number of companies have the luxury of providing 3DS assessment services.

As one the few PCI 3DS assessment companies certified to operate on a global scale, our qualified security assessors offer a comprehensive range of consultancy services tailored to help your company’s architecture achieve compliance with the global PCI 3DS standards. Our team boasts of in-depth experience for all 14 requirement categories.

This means that your business will access the best policies and procedures we develop to ensure compliance with the required standard.

It is not enough to scale through the PCI DSS compliance. We help your organization tick these PCI 3DS requirements to protect 3DS data and processes:

Security governance

Secure 3DS data

Cryptography and key management

Validate scope

Secure systematic access to systems

Physical security for 3DS systems

Digital protection of 3DS applications

Why Does Your Company Need PCI 3DS Assessment Services?

Did you know retailers are projected to lose more than $130 billion globally over the course of the next 3 years? You read that right!

CNP fraud is a credible threat and every business is a target for savvy cybercriminals. Your organization, vendors, and customers deserve protection from the increasingly worrying number of security breaches being registered on a global scale.

Hiring a credible PCI 3DS assessment company is essential to the security and growth of your business in 2020. Risk Associates assessment and prevention solutions for entities involved in the CNP cycle is the good news you needed!

Why Choose Risk Associates For Your PCI 3DS Assessment Service?

Risk Associates is one of few certified PCI 3DS Assessors in the world that provides efficient, cost-friendly assessment services in addition to modern threat prevention solutions that afford you the flexibility to secure CNP transactions and maintain compliance with all forms of security standards, including PCI 3DS.

In 3 comprehensive phases, we implement high standard assessment protocols:

Prevention Phase
Analysis of existing security architecture This phase involves creating the simulated environment and creating analytical assessments of security gaps
Remediation Phase
Deploying action points in a simulated environment This phase covers the diminution of action points for the loopholes discovered in the prevention phase.
Certification Phase
Issuance of Compliance reports and implementation of best practices After successfully identifying and sealing any security gaps, we provide a Report on Compliance, Attestation of Compliance, and Certification of Compliance to help you maintain safe CNP transactions that qualify for compliance standards.


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