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Secure the design and development of your payment software


PCI SSF is a set of security standards built for the secure development and design of payment software. SSF, as the full form implies, is a software security framework that caters to conventional modern payment tools.
Risk Associates recognizes that your payment software's security is an essential component of the payment transaction cycle to deliver reliable payment transactions. Our PCI SSF assessment services ensure objective-focused security is utilized in your infrastructure.

Why Does Your Business Need PCI SSF Assessment?

When PA DSS expires in 2022, your company will need PCI SSF to adopt a more comprehensive security standard for maintaining payment software to eliminate vulnerabilities, protect payment data, and defend against cyber-attacks. Why wait till then?

PCI SSF allows you to validate changes for payment software and supports software development methodologies. Our PCI SSF assessment services validate your software lifecycle and payment software to ensure payment transactions' secure and seamless operation.

How PCI SSF Works

If you loved PA DSS, the PCI SSF is a significant upgrade on that. PCI SSF comprises of two security standards:

Secure Software Standard
This standard defines the qualification criteria for different types of payment software for listing and analysis. At launch, the stipulated criteria only qualify payment software tools that are manufactured by a vendor who has worked on supporting payment transactions that accept, store, and send account data available to organizations that are legible for listing and validation. However, future versions of the standard may accept applications that are not eligible at the moment but maybe down the road.
Secure Software Lifecycle Standard
A vendor can decide to evaluate their software lifecycle procedures against Secure SLC Standard to showcase the enterprise's ability and dedication to implementing secure software development protocols.
This qualification proves that the vendor possesses proven SLC practices set up to guarantee the payment software can minimize vulnerabilities, protect transactions, and combat cyber-attacks. The standard also shows the vendor's procedures, personnel, and technology involved in the manufacturing and development of the software and throughout the software lifecycle.
Unlike PA DSS, this framework accommodates a wide-ranging array of payment platforms, including validation programs and more flexibility for vendors to deliver a stable validation process. PCI SSF focuses mainly on the secure design and development of your existing payment software.
PCI SSF supports multiple security protocols and provides supporting material in the form of reporting templates, and allows you to evaluate your management process independent of the actual payment process for the product.

Why Choose Risk Associates

Risk Associates is proudly one of the 24 PCI SSF assessor companies in the world qualified to validate Secure SLC and SS software. We provide validation services with a robust assessment methodology that allows us to collate relevant evidence and test your application's integrity for listing as SSF software.
Our PCI SSF advisory services cater to software vendors, gateway software, online shopping carts, payment switches, and many more. We also identify gaps in your IT infrastructure and fix them accordingly to provide a smooth path to compliance up to SSF standards.
Our analysts and engineers are qualified to conduct enterprise-wide assessments to help your organization combat PCI SSF challenges.
What are you waiting for? Guarantee your company’s compliance with PCI SSF and DSS standards by hiring Risk Associates for all your assessment and validation services for PCI Compliance!

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