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Web-Application Penetration Testing

Save Your Web Applications From Malicious Attacks; Expose Its Vulnerabilities.

Penetration testing or pentest is the procedure of testing the security posture of a computer system, network, or web application by mimicking a hacker within legal limits. The goal of the assessment is to detect vulnerabilities that pose threat to the security of an environment.


Web-Application Penetration Testing

The Web Application penetration testing is the process of exposing vulnerabilities in a web application using penetration testing techniques and tools. We adopt both manual and automated penetration methods to detect any Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) threats that exist in your web application and provide the necessary advice to rectify and remediate all the vulnerabilities we discover.
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Our Approach

Our team’s testing methods are based on globally accepted penetration testing methodologies and standards, which are proven to be resourceful and accurate to indicate network vulnerabilities and weaknesses. We believe in approaching things in a simple yet efficient manner; therefore, the process is carried out in three phases:

This phase involves the process of determining the target of the penetration testing and choose the technique to gather the information which could be invasive, scanning or non-invasive. The activities are carried out in following steps:
  • Planning and Preparation
  • Methodology Designing
  • Network Information Gathering
The information gathered in the pre-attack phase forms the basis of the attack strategy. The attack phase involves the actual compromise of the target. The attacker may exploit a vulnerability discovered during the pre-attack phase or use security loopholes such as a weak security policy to gain access to the system. Once inside, the attacker may escalate privileges and install a backdoor to sustain access to the system and exploit it. Our pen-testers advance through this phase by performing the following actions:
  • Penetrate perimeter
  • Acquire target
  • Escalate privileges
  • Execute, implant, retract
    In this phase, our tester documents all activities and record all observations and results, so that the test can be repeated and verified for the given security posture of the organization. Then the tester formulates a detailed report indicating the point of entries most susceptible to security breaches and severity of the threat it poses to your network. The report also contains suggestions of corrective actions required to protect your environment from any future malicious attack. As per our basic protocol, our testers will restore your system to pretest state unless otherwise specified; in that case the tester will correct the security posture of the systems also.

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    Why Pentest Over Other Assessments?

    Pentest security assessment and analysis are carried out by our expert CEHs who, with you in confidence, imitate a hacker and attempt to invade your system or network environment using internationally accepted methods and detect weak points of entry, enabling you to fix them before it can be used by a cybercriminal to cause damage to your business. The human factor enhances the credibility and accuracy of the assessment and provides an in-depth analysis of the system vulnerabilities and threats that may undermine the integrity of your business.

    Remember! A single vulnerability is all an attacker needs to cause a significant damage.

    Identify your web application’s vulnerabilities and remediate before its too late. Our experts are just one call away.
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